Campaign Leadership


Centennial Campaign LeadershipBush past and present

Donna Robinson Esteves, RSC ’70 Campaign Chair

John Barr, JCA ’86 Campaign Co-Chair

Alexandra Jupin, JCA ’65, RSC ’67, Campaign Co-Chair

Chester J. Opalka, Jr. Campaign Co-Chair

Ronnye Shamam, RSC ’64 Campaign Co-Chair



Regional Campaign Chairs

Christine Collard Devereaux, RSC ’56

Ann Marie Paulhus Iwanicki, RSC ’86

Marilyn Miller Fowler, RSC ’69




If you are interested in joining one of Sage’s Centennial Campaign Committees, please contact us at:

Office of Institutional Advancement
The Sage Colleges
65 1st Street
Troy, NY 12180

(518) 244-2224 | Toll free: 1-800-898-8452 | [email protected]